I will grow my face and hands. This will require tremendous effort, but by the fall of 2003 they should be so big I will have to refrigerate them 13 hours every day to keep them from melting off. I will have to undergo massive strenuous training and a lot of stretching and surgery, but I am confidant that within a few short years the face and the hands you see now will be too large for the icebox, and I will have to buy many, many cans of root beer (my friend told me that root beer is good for the face) to accomplish this. I will then be regarded as the person who grew face and hands very large; accolades and press coverage shall salute my tremendous achievement. Then, all of the people who have doubted my endeavors will see in full color the very things they said were impossible. Of course, with my face so large I will have lost the ability to enunciate using the lips, but I would not gloat to the naysayers anyway. If I did not know the strength and dedication I possess, I might be doubtful too. The history behind such an endeavor is nonexistant, because I am the first to attempt this, but here are a few illustrations of what may soon be:

Current face:

Fame and power for me in the future:

My past guilt will be a thing of the past:

Have you grown face and hands too? Need help with facial enlarging? Please e mail.