Highlander IV: The Moistening
Jeff liked to impress the chicks by launching a Surface-to-Air missile from his forehead.
A quaint summer day in the park ruined by explosive decompression of the face.
It eventually took ten men to shoot Gallagher off that clock tower.
Due to a technical error in Heaven, only Ted's mucous membranes experience the Rapture.
No one was really sure what had happened. But they blamed Judas Priest records all the same.
Between takes on the set of 'Battlefield Earth,' an ever-heftier John Travolta entertained the crew by spewing ranch-dressing loogies.
Unsatisfied with spitting on the immediate American tourists, the French eventually created a global satellite system that allowed them to spit on any American anywhere in the world with pinpoint accuracy.
Jingle All the Way II: Sinbad and Schwartzenegger duke it out for the last copy of Jingle All the Way!
Holy abdominal tourniquets Fatman! You utility belt must have the tensile strength of titanium!
Despondent, Wayne Knight fruitlessly searches for films he was in that weren't "Jurassic Park" or "Space Jam."
"Damn," thought Sergeant Lewis, "They're all out of Navy Seals."
But I don't see any copies of Buttman Goes to Sioux City, dear. How about Jumanji instead?