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MEXICO, own your own dictatorship,no resv 9.95
I have for you approval one third world country. Now for the first time you can own your own third world nation. Why worry with those EPA rules and regulations, now you can mess up the environment as much as you want. In some cases you will have to pay off the federales. In fact you will always have to pay off the federales. Enjoy a nice easy life in the south in winter (as long as you pay off the federales). live the life of a southern farmer(as long as you know). the main crops are marijuana, contaminated fruit, and federal aid from the USA.
       This property comes with a nice large fence that is maintained by 6 americans. the fence has a few holes. this is a real steal of a deal yall, with no resv. and no shipping. new owner can take ownership as soon as the check clears. Also in a few years you will have this country all to your self. comes with all the paper w joo change-heeork including a nice gold leaf deed on heavy paper. all taxes are paid up by USA. Dont miss out on the great deal. 10 day sale. can send pics.