What child doesn't want to be a ninja? After all, it's fun to play with pretend swords,
practice pretend ninja moves, sneak around your backyard, and to mercilessly slay
your enemies. The addition of ‘moves’ has altered the combat dynamic to reward
those who slay their opponents mercilessly and to provide a desperate assist to those
in trouble.
But our sassy sex ninja has a few tricks up her sleeves, and these erotic evildoers are in for the ride of their lives!


The next morning a messenger arrived at the gate of Oda castle. It heralded news concerning the siege. “To all who reside in Castle Oda!” the young man proclaimed, “Hear this! The Great Lord Takeda Nobuto Shingen of Bizen Province vows to break your walls and give you a most dishonorable death!” The paige cleared his throat and continued. “Lord Oda, my master the Honorable Takeda Shingen vows to slay you painfully and slowly! He is committed to avenging the kidnapping of his son and only heir!” Oda decided to blow up christmas decorations on the way to my house. die muthafuckuhz, die. i was gonna go to rickys but it looked really lame so i just came home and passed out.


"Cooking of the Burgers over the Bleached Bones of our Dead Enemies".